Psssssst………….wanna read a dirty book? That’s probably how it was just a few years ago when discussing erotica, but slowly, with commercial success, erotica is becoming accepted as part of the mainstream literary world and for this reason, I am happy to include an erotica section in this year’s awards.I have read some wonderful erotica this year and what I have realised is that writing GOOD erotica is just the same as writing in any other genre. You gotta have the good story to start with. SEX on its own will not sell your erotica!So, on with today’s awards:Our first nomination in the erotica category is GOLDILOCKS (Flirtatious Fairytales Book 5) by Jess James.Who in their right mind would take a beautiful children’s fairy tale, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears and turn it into a sexy, flirtatious, adult fairy tale? Sacrilege, you say! Well, there’s a British author by the name of Jess James who’s done exactly that and what’s more, she’s done it to a number of our favorite fairy tales from when we were children. Guess what? IT WORKS! My initial thoughts on picking up this book were a hark back top my childhood – Goldilocks and the three bears! Ooops, I thought, what might we have here? Readers can rest assured, though, the three bears do not make an appearance in James’ version of the classic.Putting aside the clever construct of using our childhood memories as the basis for her books, this is a very readable, very enjoyable book. It follows the original story to some extent, but it also gives Goldilocks a real, damaged and fragile persona. It’s not a long book, by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be a great read before bedtime, to get one or other of you into the mood. It is well written and the erotic scenes are just that, erotic, steamy and exciting, not pornographic.I really enjoyed this book and can recommend it to anyone who wants an adult trip down memory lane. I can assure you, I’ll be brushing up on a few of my old memories before this series is done with.A great idea, sensitively and beautifully handled by a skilled author.The second nominee in this year’s erotica category is WATER INTO WHINE by Michael H Kelly.Water Into Whine, I guess is a marked departure for Kelly, from his usual genres, which tends toward comedic slapdash, as evidenced by his Damsels’ series, with a bit of horror and mysticism thrown in for good measure, in some of his other offerings. Kelly made it clear in his introduction that the motivation for writing Water into Whine was a challenge from a couple of his friends to write something “smutty”. Well, Mr. Kelly, you answered that challenge in “spades”! Water into Whine, if nothing else, is a definitely one enormous pile of smut. Unlike the Damsels’ series where the smut is implied through the use of ribald and euphemistic jokes, the grubbiness is laid out for all to see (and read) in Water into Whine. The concentration on the erotica (although pleasant to read) didn’t take away from the quirky story being told, however.We are introduced to the Reverend Redders who, along with his wife Miriam has a very interesting philosophy on life, especially as it applies to sin. In a nutshell, the good Reverend believes we are all sinners and we are all forgiven our sins by Jesus’ death at Calvary. It is, therefore, our bounden duty, as Christians, to sin well and to sin often, something they are quick to do.This is a funny, quirky, little story, with a whole heap of sex scenes. Do not read this book if you are of the prudish mold, however, it is a fun story. If I had a couple of riders to my review, they would be as follows: The sex scenes did at times tend to become repetitive, although kudos to the author for varying the ways and means of the participants to reach their climaxes. I do realize, as an author, how hard it is to write fresh and inspiring erotica. I think Kelly did a pretty good job of handling all of this “smut”. The second thing that disappointed me a little was the focus on the Reverend’s sexual impropriety, to the detriment of h



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