WOO HOO!Yes, it IS that time of year again – my absolute favourite time!Christmas? Yeah, well that too, but no it is the time of year when I pass out my awards for INDIE AUTHOR EXCELLENCE! Also, colloquially known as “THE GRUNTERS”. Now, getting A Grunter, may not YET hold the same honour as A Booker Prize or A Nobel Laureate, but hey, give it time.What I love most about The Grunters is there’s no messy voting, accusations of mass voter fraud, or indeed claims of Electoral College infidelity. what The Grunters are, pure and simply, are MY PERSONAL OPINION!As always, the genres in which I’ve placed the books are my decision and my decision alone and the choices I make are mine alone also. These awards are one person’s opinion, the decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.So, how does one get the chance to win a Grunter? It’s totally simple – if I read one of your books this year, then you are in to win a Grunter. This year I have read 142 Books and every one of them is up for these Awards.Over the next few days, I will be bringing you the nominees and the Category winners, leading up to that most important award of all: “THE SUPREME GRUNTER 2016!” A truly coveted crown.In our first award this year, we will look at the category of ANTHOLOGIES/COLLECTIONS:The first nominee in the ANTHOLOGY/COLLECTION Category is: EROTIC SHIVERS by M.S.TAROT This collection of short-stories by M.S. Tarot, Erotic Shivers is a new experience for me. I’ve read erotica and I’ve read horror/paranormal, but a combination of the two; not so much. I can say that that combination of the two was fascinating, exciting, sexy and scary. This was a wonderful collection of short, sharp and interesting stories.In total, there are six stories in this collection and at around 135 pages on Kindle, it is a good, solid read. The stories are incredibly varied and each of them had something special to offer. As always, when you read a collection of short-stories, there are bound to be your favorites. For me, the two stories I enjoyed the most were The Bag Snatchers and The Lord of the Devil’s Night.The concept of sex with aliens seems pretty horrific and I can assure you in Tarot’s skilled hands, The Bag Snatchers has you wanting to retch in horror, but keep reading out of sheer fascination. A great, little tale. I loved the ending as well.The Lord of the Devil’s Night was my other favorite as we examine the mind and motivation of a serial arsonist. Tarot’s writing brings the pain and suffering of the antagonist in this story, right into your mind. Just superb.All the stories have an erotic thread and there is some explicit content, but combined with the horror effect, you almost forget these stories are erotica. I have been impressed with what I’ve read of M.S. Tarot to date and will be seeking his stories out in future.Our second nominee in the ANTHOLOGY/COLLECTION category is ODDSCAPES AND QUIRKITUDES by MAY J PANAYI Oddscapes and Quirkitudes, in of itself, is an intriguing name for a book, but for this book it fits it perfectly. This is a collection of short stories that are genuinely odd and quirky. What I particularly liked about this book was that, unlike many anthologies, it didn’t focus on just one genre. Panayi is known to be an excellent storyteller across many genres and this certainly comes through in her collection of short stories. There are in total twenty-one fascinating little vignettes across; fantasy, post-apocalyptic or dystopian fiction, and people watching.Until recently I had not been a fan of short stories and dare I say it, even dismissive of them



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