Celebrating Indie Authors of Excellence – Nyasia A Maire

Today we continue our Holiday Celebration of Indie Authors of Excellence. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Fantasy/Paranormal Author NYASIA A MAIRE and her debut novel, THE HERETIC’S CHILD.SO, WHO IS NYASIA A MAIRE?Nyasia A. Maire began writing at an early age and has never stopped. Reading is one of her greatest passions, an extension of her love of words. Her favorite genres are science fiction, horror and fantasy (books or movies.) And, as strange as it may seem to some, a love of all things computer. But wait, there’s more! (Isn’t there always?) The great outdoors is the flip-side to her other rather sedentary pursuits. Hiking, camping, and daily exercise are things that are guaranteed to make her smile.Nyasia is also a semi-retired photojournalist. She still dabbles in photography and always will. Her first camera was given to her when she was eight-years-old. She loves photography and combines it with her final passion: music.Running through her life is music: the soundtrack of life. From classical to death metal, pop to rap, and, of course, good ol’ rock ‘n roll . . . music is life and life is music. And sometimes, you don’t have to hear well with your ears to appreciate music with your heart.Nyasia lives in Studio City, California with her daughter, two cats, a boa constrictor and all of the characters she imagines into being.THE HERETIC’S CHILD:So no one is forgotten and no life will go unsung … Remember! Throughout humanity’s history, a long-lived race known as Rememberers have existed alongside the human race. Created to collect the memories of dying humans and preserve them, Rememberers use the information to counsel the human race and help them avoid the mistakes of their past. The Rememberers are divided into Catalogers and Counselors and are overseen by a single woman, the Cybele.For the last two thousand years, the Cybeles have been meeting with untimely ends. Without the Cybele, Rememberers can still collect human memories, but without her guidance, they are unable to properly use the information to counsel the human race. This has resulted in a horrific increase in chaos and war.In 1783, a Rememberer named Emma is born. Before dying in childbirth, her mother warns her friends, Moira and Samuel, that the child is in danger but dies before giving a name to the menace.Adopted and raised by the couple, Emma is next in line to become the Cybele for her people. As she grows to adulthood, she must discover who wants her dead–or else become the next fatality!FROM THE HERETIC’S CHILD:The tear trickled down my cheek. I decided I’d let it go wherever it wished. They deserved that. At the very least, they deserved my tear. Of course, they deserved much more, but being what we are, we’re never remembered. It’s ironic, really. After all, we remembered them, but no one remembered us. Well, I’m the exception. I remembered them all. After all, that’s why I was here. The wind whipped along the burnt ground and the ashes got into everything. I could feel them stick to my tear and turn it to mud. The city was devoid of the normal noises, dogs barking, children playing, birds chirping. All gone. Everything was grey or black or brown. It seemed as if everything had taken on the quality of a daguerreotype.I wondered how long it would take for the humans to make their lists of the dead and mourned the fact

Source: Celebrating Indie Authors of Excellence – Nyasia A Maire


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