Dean C. Moore’s Brave New World – The God Gene (A Review)

This is book two in the Age of Abundance Series by Dean C. Moore. When I’d finished book one, I remember sitting back and thinking to myself; “wow, how little is my imagination and how little I actually understood the science and pseudo-science of the book.” My respect for the author and his grasp of the topic has only grown, whilst reading book two. I don’t pretend, for a second, to still grasp many of the concepts and futuristic predictions or ideas portrayed in this story, but that doesn’t detract from the book’s appeal as a read. Moore covers some excellent topics and addresses some interesting “big” questions about life, purpose, relationships, individuality, the greater good, and our relationship with faith. Despite my ignorance of the topic, it was Moore’s excellent writing and the pondering of those questions that kept me enthralled in this book. Will I ever become a dedicated futuristic reader? Will I ever grasp the concept of transhumanism, nanites, and a hyper-connected world? Possibly not! But, would I read more Dean C. Moore, just for the stories – for sure! If you are already a devotee of this type of futuristic, science melding with pseudo-science, quantum physics, and parallel universes et al, you will absolutely love this book and this series. For those of us, on the cusp of this strange, new world, we can still enjoy the excellent story-telling skills of a clever author. For this reason, The God Gene garners a solid four stars from this reviewer.   You can check out all my many hundred’s of reviews directly on my website at You can even score yourself a free ebook of mine, just by joining my newsletter. Do please go and check it out.

Source: Dean C. Moore’s Brave New World – The God Gene (A Review)


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