A Review – Big Flipping Deal – By Ian Saul Whitcomb

I have to admit that when I picked up Ian Saul Whitcomb’s, Big Flipping Deal, I had no real idea of the subject matter of the story, beyond knowing that it was a Whitcomb, so it would probably be erotica of some description. I’m not a big reader of erotica, as I find it a little same old… same old, if you know what I mean, but I had enjoyed Whitcomb’s books in the past, so was excited to see what this one focused on.The subject matter was a surprise – a relationship between a Transgender woman and a straight man. The two main characters, Lindsey and Nick are initially thrown together, after Lindsey’s Aunt and Nick’s neighbour leaves them half her house each after she dies. The question is, do they want to sell it now and split the small profits, or do they want to do it up, together and make significantly more when they sell. Nick is instantly drawn to the drop-dead gorgeous Lindsey and the idea of working side by side with her on this “fixer-upper” for a few months holds immense appeal. The excitement starts when Lindsey reveals to Nick that she was originally a he and still is in some vital respects, having not gone the whole gender reassignment route. For Nick, who has always thought of himself as “totally straight”, this revelation opens up a new avenue of thought.The idea of T-Girls, Ladyboys, whatever you choose to call them, has long fuelled many a male fantasy and I was interested to see how Whitcomb would handle the sexual tension and dynamic in this story.I found the story real, believable and full of honest and raw emotion. The self-discovery that Nick went through on this journey was handled beautifully by the author. The actual erotica was well written and superbly realistic.I have to say, I enjoyed this erotica book more than most I have read in the past. It asked some serious questions about our perceptions and to a large part answered them extraordinarily well. If erotica is your thing, or indeed if you fancy trying something a little different and broadening your horizons, then Big Flipping Deal is the book for you. Unlike some erotica, it is a good, solid, 140 pages, with an enjoyable backstory and non-erotic scenes also.It is fully deserving of the full five stars I’m giving it here.   You can check out all my many hundred’s of reviews directly on my website at http://www.grantleishman.com/ You can even score yourself a free ebook of mine, just by joining my newsletter. Do please go and check it out.

Source: A Review – Big Flipping Deal – By Ian Saul Whitcomb


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