How To Live A Purpose-Driven Life in a Crazy Messed-Up World?

Today’s article is focused on something that in recent years I’ve discovered gives me all the energy and desire I need every day – this article is going to be about living a purpose-driven life.When I first moved to the Philippines about six years ago, it was like taking a giant step into the unknown – into a world that was so radically different from that which I had known in New Zealand, that in some ways it terrified me – but also for the first time in many years I felt truly excited and challenged by what might lie ahead.The first year or so was almost exclusively taken up with strengthening and developing the new personal relationships I had entered into when I came here. I had a new wife (an amazingly wonderful wife at that) and new step-children that I had to get to know and love. All that would take time and effort on both sides, but fortunately, it all worked out extremely well and I settled into my new life here. So here I was, in a land far, far away, where I knew virtually no-one and didn’t speak the language. At times it did indeed feel totally isolating and lonely, but deep inside I knew instinctively that I’d made the right decision to come here, so as time passed and I became more comfortable in my new role in life, it came the time when I needed to consider what the future might hold here, for me specifically. I knew I was way too young to actually “retire”, but with limited capital (none really!) I had to chart a course for myself that would give me as much personal fulfillment as my new position as husband and surrogate father was already giving me…What to do? What to do?It was around this time that my wife discovered “The Secret” and the concept of “The Law of Attraction”, and introduced me to the precepts contained within. Now I don’t want to go into a long and scientific discussion about whether the Law of Attraction is real or not – I’ll leave that for others to argue. Now before you jump on the bandwagon and argue that this is all just “New Age, mystical claptrap”, I’d just like to ask you to hear me out. I want to say is that the precepts contained in the Law of Attraction revolutionized the way I viewed the world. It made me realize that the concepts that I had grown up with and had been indoctrinated into me since an early age, were in fact, rubbish and indeed were an anathema to the way we, as human beings, should be living our lives. I’m talking about concepts like: “Us against the world”; “That everyone wants something from you”; “That there is ulterior motive to everything people do” etc etc. I realized I had reached the age of 55 and was nothing more than a world-weary skeptic… in fact, worse than that – I was living my life in a p

Source: How To Live A Purpose-Driven Life in a Crazy Messed-Up World?


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