Just Who In The Hell Are You? The Essential You

I pondered greatly over what to write about this morning. As someone who is engaged five days a week in writing novels, the chance to break out from my fantasy characters occasionally to write an article, is just the balance I need to keep my life the joyful, fulfilling, and intensely happy one that it is today.I had a few topics in mind this morning, but in the end, something in my stomach (no not last night’s dinner) kept telling me I needed to write this particular blog, which I have entitled: “Just Who In The Hell Are You? The Essential You” I am dedicating this blog to a very special woman who played a much greater part in my personal redemption than she will ever know. This blog is for you Avis! I hope you enjoy it.Now, my dear friend Avis, if you can tell anything from somebody’s Facebook posts, appears to have had an epiphany of her own, in recent times. I am surmising that she is on her own voyage of self-discovery and trying to find the Avis she knows she once was – The Essential Avis. So, as I said, this blog is specifically for you and for anyone else who has lost the essence of who they truly are.I’m reasonably confident that most people who know me well, might give me many labels or names, but “new-age” or “wishy-washy” probably wouldn’t be among them, so all I’m just asking you to do is to briefly suspend judgement on what I’m saying here and to approach it with a totally open mind.When we were children we had absolutely no cares or concerns about the future, about what people thought about us, or indeed about what the purpose of our life was. We lived totally, 100% in the present, absorbed in whatever task or hobby, or toy that gave us pleasure and happiness. Somewhere along the way we lost that ability to enjoy the moment, to revel in the things that gave us pleasure. Why did we lose that sheer joy in living, that ability to find fun and enjoyment in the simplest of things? When did we stop having fun and start taking this thing called life, so seriously? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/78/Playing_children.jpgFor most of us, the subtle brainwashing began when we were very young. Our parents would tell us what their dreams and plans were for our future. When we went to school we were told to “stop daydreaming”, to “concentrate on the lessons” and what was the most important thing that was drilled into us at school; “life isn’t fair kids”. Our youthful enthusiasm and idealism generally managed to keep these voices at bay and we continued to enjoy our passions and our hobbies right up until it was time to graduate high-school. So, then what happened?We were told, in no uncertain terms, it was “time to put away the toys, time to grow up and time to concentrate on getting ahead, in this world”. So, like dutiful, little robots we pushed our hobbies, our passions and the things that gave us real pleasure into the background, so we could concentrate on learning the things that would get us a “real job”, would give us security and ensure that we had a happy life.The question I want to pose here is a simple one; Did the pursuit of society’s model life for us, make us happy? Everyone’s answer, no doubt, will be different, but I suggest you look around and just ask yourself truthfully; am I happy? Do I jump out of bed with enthusiasm and joy every morning to greet the new day? Do I approach each day with an intense desire to discover new experiences, to make a difference in people’s lives and to live that day with all the passion I have inside of me? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then there is something inherently wrong – and you know it!You won’t find a solution, to any lack of meaning, in the outside world. The world and other people are – just what they are. You can’t change them and you shouldn’t expend your valuable energy trying to. The solution to finding meaning is inside of you! The only way to truly live as we were all meant to live – happily and joyfully, is inside of you. You need to rediscover the essential you – you need to stop acting and conforming to other’s expectations and act and conform to who you really are.You are incredibly special – you are a unique individual who has creative talents and abilities that nobody else that has ever lived or will ever live, has. When we realize that we are limitless in our potential then we actually can change the world. If we live to our own potential – if we become who we really a

Source: Just Who In The Hell Are You? The Essential You

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