Past, Darkly: The Backstory

A fascinating backstory

Exile on Peachtree Street

What if you blended history with fairy tales and dreams?


With that thought, I began working on a series called The Dreams. For over a year, I’ve been researching the Battle of Chickamauga in north Georgia. (Those who study the US Civil War will understand how complex and brutal the battle was.) From there, I began looking into the universal appeal of fairy tales and folklore, and what makes the stories so topical in our contemporary society. They tap into our collective consciousness and their appeal is timeless. While studying, I discovered that many cultures share similar tales, sagas and fables. And, I’ve been a student of dreams and the subconscious for a lifetime, so it was easy to develop a plotline where symbols, imagery and a vivid dream world merge.

swirlMost of us have had at least one incident where we have shared a dream with someone close…

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