What Are You Reading?

Quite right……..read a book peoples!

D.M. Miller


Ever notice how many people act as if reading a book is a huge commitment? Unless it’s a 500-page history of, (as a friend of mine would say,) the mating habits of snakes, I fail to see the problem. Popular fiction is a breeze for the most part, can take us to another world, and provides a much-needed break of quiet time, something many of us lack these days.

According to the findings of a recent study by Nielsen, the average American watches around five hours of television each day. That’s every single day, as in, 35 hours a week. Now, how many times have you turned on the television only to be disappointed that there’s nothing on? What if you tried something different for a change, and turned the thing off? Unthinkable? Come on now. It’s not so bad.

If you were to replace one hour of television…

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