Book Review: Gardens of the Moon

A great review and an interesting looking book .

Christian Warren Freed

I know what you’re thinking, not a very heavy hitting title for the beginning of an epic fantasy series spanning 17 novels to date. I thought so as well, but believe me when I tell you- you couldn’t be more wrong. Gardens of the Moon is the brainchild of Steven Erickson. He and his partner, Ian C. Esslemont, created the world of the Malazan Empire and originally made it into a board game in the 80s to rival Dungeons and Dragons. I somehow doubt the game ever took off, but Erickson was convinced to begin writing about the world they created.

The book begins during the opening stages of the weakening of the Malazan Empire. The emperor is dead, along with his chief assassin and advisor, Dancer. Killed by one of their own. In their place stands the Empress Laseen, known as Surly to the men who once served with…

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