So close to the end….

Christian Warren Freed

Well my friends we are coming down to the wire. Edmund and his team are deep in it now and Rolstein seems to have no idea what’s coming for him. Will the government get what it wants? (Always that pesky government, sneaky devils) Will Edmund get the lotus to save his girl or will the wendigo’s dine heavily tonight? Read on to find out. Read on, my friends.

As always, please feel free to let me know what you think and who knows, perhaps I can entice you to take a gander a some of my other work. Either way, thanks for taking this journey with me.

A Matter of Life and Death XI


Edmund’s shouted was like thunder. He unslung his rifle and fired. The bark of the shot was overpowered by the sudden roars of the Wendigo. His round struck the tree behind the monster, sending…

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