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Things Children Say

Mum: No, you can’t sleep with your sword.

S: That’s inconvenient!

Mum: Why inconvenient?

S: How am I supposed to defend myself against the bogeyman in the wardrobe?

Mum: There is no bogeyman…

S: Exactly! He’s scared of my sword.

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Dear Reader #76

Hannah Howe

Dear Reader,

Fanning the flames of love…

Paul Robeson, singer, actor and activist, in Madrid, January 1938 in support of the Spanish anti-fascists during the Spanish Civil War. Picture: Yale Library.

In Operation Treasure, Eve discovers that Gestapo officer Hauptsturmführer Klaus Raab shares her love of painting. Raab enjoys crude nudes whereas Eve is a fan of the Barbizon School.

The Barbizon School of painters focused on Realism, which developed through the Romantic Movement. The School takes its name from the village of Barbizon, situated near the Forest of Fontainebleau where many of the artists gathered.

An example from the Barbizon School, Charles-Émile Jacque’s Shepherdess and Her Flock, 1878.

Today, 19 November 2020, would have been Gene Tierney’s 100th birthday. Here’s my article about the Hollywood star and mental health advocate.

On 20 November 1945, the Nuremberg trials began. Judges from America, Britain, France and the Soviet Union sought…

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The most wonderful time of the year…

Embracing This Storm

With this year being what it’s been why should we follow tradition when it comes to Christmas?

I say let’s just throw all caution to the wind and start the festive season now! Why not? Positivity breeds positivity. Perhaps a little festive cheer and Christmas spirit is exactly what we all need right now to get us through the anxieties, set backs and worries that we have faced through this year. After all, a little Christmas spirit never hurt anyone.

So this past weekend was wet, cold and plain miserable for the majority of the time. With our current lockdown preventing us from doing much else but stay dry and warm indoors, I decided it was time to get out the Christmas tree.

My son and I spent the afternoon building our tree (a real one would never last through to Christmas), unraveling all of our decorations and baubles to…

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Dear Reader #75

Hannah Howe

Dear Reader,

My latest translated titles, Stardust, Sam Smith Mystery Series book ten, and Eve’s War, Operation Locksmith, both in Spanish.

The calm after the storm, Paris 1947.

An amazing week for my Eve’s War Heroines of SOE Series. Operation Zigzag is #1 while Operation Broadsword and Operation Treasure are top twenty hot new releases. This landmark is dedicated to all the remarkable men and women of the SOE.

So now we know…

An autumnal view of the Goylake River.

You thought that beautiful woman was holding her parasol in her left hand simply because she was left-handed. However, her actions might reveal something totally different…

Men and women of the French Resistance during the summer of 1944, probably after the liberation of Paris.

Family History

John Howe, my 5 x great grandfather, was born on 28 April 1761 in St Hilary, Glamorgan. His parents, John and Mary, were successful…

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