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The three must-haves;  Affirmation, Identity, A Sense of Worthiness

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Emotional support is necessary to grow organically. It shapes the way we see ourselves and initiates our world view. What gets embedded in our formative years will be present, for many years to come, if not our entire lives. 

Our inherent value is established or disrupted in the process of affirmation. Hyperinflation can lead to an unhealthy attitude of entitlement. The absence of affirmation can lead to a victim mentality. Words and, more importantly, feelings stay with us.

We emerge thinking the world is friendly or unfriendly. We move forward with trusting or distrusting perceptions. Foundations of love or fear tend to dominate our private landscapes. Intuition can be replaced with suspicion. Anger can turn into self-sabotage.

Proper affirmation settles our right to be here, sets up a purposeful life…

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Her Light Burns Brightly.

WordyNerdBird Writes

Strong, resilient, like no other
Fighter, defender, lover, mother,
Teacher, leader, inspiration,
Backbone of a generation.
Of a kind, yet individual,
Shrugging off the chains residual
That remain from eons past,
Smashing ceilings made of glass.
She honours mothers, sisters, aunts,
Who fought to give her every chance
To vote, to lead, to work, to win,
To overcome history’s sins.
Her light burns brightly: in her wake
Are those she has inspired to take
The future into their own hands,
On their own terms, not those of man.

©2016 Joanne Van Leerdam


This poem was written in honour of every woman who has helped to blaze the trail for those who follow her. It is published here in honour of Women’s History Month, March 2017.

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Poetry Beyond Belief – Soul Searching by Shaheen Darr: A Review

You know, there are occasions in life when your preconceptions and prejudices are put to the test and you are forced to concede defeat and accept you were wrong.Although I dabbled a bit in poetry when I was young (didn’t all angst-ridden, young men?) over the years I’ve come to regard poetry with a bit of disdain and dare I say it, even considered poets to be nothing more than writers who couldn’t write decent prose. The poetry I have read, either voluntarily, or forced to have read through study, has usually reinforced my judgment of this form of writing. And, then along comes Shaheen Darr, with her collection of poems entitled Soul Searching and all my previous slants against poetry and poets are blasted out of the water.This poet’s ability to seek the fundamental aspects of many of life’s great questions, through her words is frankly awe-inspiring.When I first sat down to read this book, I gritted myself for a turgid stroll through nonsensical combinations of words that were somehow supposed to show the author’s superior intellect and grasp of a situation. I couldn’t have been further from the truth.Darr’s understanding and ability to express our deepest feelings and our deepest fears, in beautiful, rhythmical, poetic phrasing is second to none that I’ve read before.I literally flew through the book, not because I was skimming or not enjoying the poems, but because each poem led me merrily on to the next and I just didn’t want to stop the pleasure of the read.Darr is a wordsmith extraordinaire, but more than that, she has a fundamental grasp of life, its problems and its complexities.I never thought I would be saying this, but Soul Searching is one of the best books I have read this year, or perhaps, even the last few years.I doff my hat to the author and humbly declare I am a poetry convert. Well, a convert to Shaheen Darr’s poetry anyway.No question, this time, five massive stars for this wonderful work. Why not pop on over to my website and check out the many hundreds of books I’ve reviewed over the years? Who knows, you may find your next, exciting, blockbuster, read there.

Source: Poetry Beyond Belief – Soul Searching by Shaheen Darr: A Review

Young Adult Epic Fantasy – WHAM! by Carol Marrs Phipps (A Review)

Wham, by Carol Marrs Phipps is a book that crept up on me as I was reading it. My initial issues with a language that was difficult to understand and relate to (Niarg) soon turned to awe at the amount of work this author had clearly put in to create the amazing world in which Wham is set. At its essence, Wham is a Young Adult Epic Fantasy adventure. It follows the exploits, principally of two sisters, Nia and Thess, who, in their own ways come to realise and understand they are actually fairies, with a vast, undiscovered and unrelated past and history.There are many characters in this story who are fascinating and certainly deserve more exposition, however, it came as no surprise to find that Wham was, in fact, part of a large collection of books focusing on this world she had created.I did, at times, find the reading a little slow, especially when characters speaking in Niarg or even Troll, were talking. I had to stop and try and decipher what exactly they were saying. In reality, though, I think this was actually quite a good thing as it kept my attention fully on the narrative.Wham definitely did make me want to read more of the rest of the collection, as I am sure it would give a much broader picture of the world and its history, some of which was touched on n Wham, but I suspect there is so much more to know.The writing was excellent, the pace steady and the characters, especially Nia and Thess, easy to like, to understand and to empathise with. Pandora, the Potentate was one fascinating character that I’d love to read more about. One big element of this story is the predominance of strong, independent and feisty young women, who make exceptionally good role models.All in all, Wham is a winner within its genre and a book and probably a series well worth delving into.A solid, five-star read in my opinion. Why not pop on over to my website and check out the many hundreds of books I’ve read and reviewed? Who knows, you just might find your next blockbuster read there:

Source: Young Adult Epic Fantasy – WHAM! by Carol Marrs Phipps (A Review)

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