How Do You Get More People To Read Your Books?

Author -Carole Parkes

As an author, the million dollar question is how do you get more people to read your books without giving them away free.

I’ve read about some authors who spend tens of thousands of pounds promoting their book, and I’m pretty sure it must glean some sales for them. For me, however, that’s an impossible dream. I don’t have the means for paid promotions and here’s why.

I was a full-time, stay-at-home mum until my children were in their teens. My parents and my parental-in-laws worked, so if I wanted a job there was no alternative, I had to pay for childcare. I did try going out to work a couple of times to supplement what my husband brought home, but childcare expenses took three quarters of my take-home pay. Yes, that’s correct. I was left with less than a quarter of my net pay by the time I’d paid…

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Guest Post; Grant Leishman

So where's the snow?


Grant  (here with his wife, Thess)  As an fellow ex-pat, I was interested to hear about his new life. The booky links are at the bottom for his work!

Do you miss New Zealand? If so what in particular?

Perhaps I should feel guilty, but the truth is I don’t miss a lot about New Zealand at all, except for people, especially my son, who I haven’t seen now for over eight years. Excitingly, though, he is scheduled to come here next February, so we’re all hyped up about that. I remember before I came here, sitting in my lounge in Gore, in a freezing, winter southerly and saying to my son; “what person in their right mind would choose to live in a freezing, god-forsaken, hell-hole of a place, like this?” From time to time, when the temperature becomes too hot for me here, I wistfully long for one…

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Dear Reader #13

Hannah Howe

Dear Reader,

A very busy week with translations again this week. More translations were published while others were confirmed. Along with my English language titles this means I now have 74 books published or in production.

When talking about his album, Sailing to Philadelphia, Mark Knopfler mentioned that he often creates songs when two separate ideas come together. I agree with him. My books are often a marriage of ideas. This week, I had ideas for another mini-series when two totally separate thoughts came together. I might write this mini-series under a pen-name to give readers a break from Hannah Howe, and because the subject matter is different from my mysteries. This morning, while gardening, I created a storyline. If I have a strength as a novelist it’s that ideas for stories come easy to me.

Mark Knopfler

I have received great help this week from experts with a detailed…

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Ideas and Concept for Administrator Process in Business Organization

Being a manager, is committed to acting on a day-to-day basis for the company to achieve the goals, making efforts of productivity, efficiency and profitability. There are a number of tips and tricks for Administration process through that you can develop your administrative skills.

The routine of a business administrator like,

The idea of an executive locked in his office with piles of papers on his desk all the time on the phone is not the most honest version of a manager’s routine.

While we see this scenario in drama and film a lot, a good business manager needs to get around the business.

It is true that much of the time he is really focused on business challenges, setting goals, planning strategies and organizing actions.

But your success in the job depends on moving through different areas of the company , talking to managers, supervisors and other employees.

The feedback , inclusive, is a powerful weapon for the qualification of their actions on a daily basis.

The same goes for the other partners of the company, such as customers, suppliers and even competitors.

It is essential that the manager is open to talk and listen , which is not in keeping with that figure of the cloistered professional in his office.

From there, your activities are determined by the level you occupy in the company, which can be:

Operational level : focuses on the short term, to implement the previously defined actions, and the administrator is responsible for managing and controlling it. Is what predominates in your routine

Tactical level : With a medium-term vision, plans and defines actions to meet the goals set for the business in this period of time. It is up to the manager to set specific goals so that each area of the company contributes to its accomplishment.

Strategic level : Here, your actions focus on the long term, demanding more complex decision-making, as they define the direction of the company. In general, it is up to the administrator to conduct studies, research and organize information to establish the most appropriate strategies for the proposed objectives.

Business Administration

The concept of a manager and his duties, but what is business management really?

It is not difficult to understand. To run a business , the strategies and actions proposed to drive it to its goals. In a traditional, for-profit business, for example, its management consists of organizing processes and managing resources to avoid unnecessary expense, increase productivity and maximize earnings.

The importance of business administration appears in the achievement of short, medium and long term goals. This means that even small everyday achievements, such as paying bills on time, depend on an administrative effort. The same applies to bigger challenges, such as launching a new product, service or brand. Also to borrow, open a branch or close a unit.

Proper management leads the company towards a scenario of sustainable growth and longevity , but not without acting in crisis management, combating risks and minimizing losses. Although many of the concepts related to business administration are modern, their origin is quite old.

Skills that prove fundamental in everyday life , so that the professional can fulfill the basic functions expected of him.


As we have seen, one of the duties of the manager is to organize actions and processes in the company so that it can continue active towards its goals.

But how could he promote such gain to the business if he does not have this skill on an individual level?

The organization appears on different fronts. She is at work , at a desk with no paper stack and other obstacles that hinder her performance. Also in time management, which requires knowing how to set priorities and meet the commitments of your agenda, without prejudice to any of your tasks.

It goes a long way in technology, since tools are now available on your computer or smartphone that allow you to organize information and manage with a focus on results.


It is undeniable that an administrator has influence over others , since it is for him, for example, to coordinate, command and control.

But the secret of the good professional lies in the way he does it. First and foremost, the administrator must behave like a leader. You must accept the fact that you are an inspiration to other employees and help them to feel motivated to work for the company. Above all, it must lead by example and be a positive reference , earning the respect and admiration of others.


Here is another very important skill for a good business manager.

To command the actions the business needs, it has to be present and effective in communicating with employees, whether in feedback, meetings or lectures. You need to demonstrate a positive attitude, presenting your ideas clearly, knowing how to recognize efforts, delegate tasks and have the ability to make yourself understood. Always remembering that communication does not only mean talking, but giving voice to your team .

Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation are two distinct skills that complement each other with total harmony.

These are highly valued behaviors especially given the high competitiveness in the current market. Since just being one more in the crowd does little to help businesses in terms of growth and profitability, we need to come up with new solutions to old problems. Any kind of improvement in internal processes, for example, already contributes greatly to bring the business closer to its goals. And it is from the administrator that this posture is most expected.

Emotional intelligence

When you become a business manager, you will see in practice that not everything is flowers in your routine. The stress is a real enemy and crises can be triggered when required by conflicts of various origins, as well as making quick or even difficult decisions. But even at these most complicated times, what sets a good manager apart is the control of emotions. It is knowing how to channel the energies to reverse in productive and positive behaviors. You can’t lose control , whether it’s with a collaborator, colleague, customer, or anyone. Practicing mindfulness and attaining mindfulness is a way to remain calm in the face of challenges.

Self confidence

Unsurprisingly, a manager performs a key role for the company. When there is a big project ahead or even challenging adversity, everyone turns their attention to it.

In that role, what is your reaction ? Disbelieve your own abilities? Not able to do the job?

If you go that way, you don’t have what it takes to be a successful administrator. It is not about being proud and not listening to the opinions of others. But it is important to believe that you have arrived at the post because you have prepared for it and therefore have real conditions to be the manager the company needs. Since there is no way to transfer your responsibility, let it be assumed with conviction and confidence.


To end our relationship, let’s talk about flexibility.

In the business environment, it means understanding and accepting that not everything happens as expected . Your planning may have been very well prepared, but there are factors that require reviewing certain points along the way. You must therefore be prepared to make adjustments and, if necessary, to recognize failures. When the results are not close to the desired results, everyone expects from the manager an action, which may even be to keep the navigation in the same direction, but not without first considering the impacts of a change. Nowadays administration courses were available online from where you can learn more about the administration process.

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#FeistyFemmes #excerpt #ASecretTie #Mondaymention

Summerita Rhayne

Hi folks,

Let’s start a new thread for blogging for writers and readers by name of #Mondaymention. Under this you will share one excerpt from your book or a book you have read that has some component of strong response or action by a female protagonist indicated by the hashtag #feistyfemmes. So, when you share the excerpt put the title of the post as I have, except that you must replace my book title with the title from which you take the excerpt. Also please share all the posts with the hashtags. Since we are all busy we’ll limit sharing to Mondays and Tuesdays only.

Sharing here some saucy comeback from the heroine, Yashita, in historical A Secret Tie. Yashita is a spy working for King Hitaksha and is set on leaving her duty and getting married. Here’s a showdown between the two.


‘Don’t let your hunger for security…

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